4 Benefits of a Doggy Daycare

Those with canines know that they can be a lot of work and that’s where the benefits of a doggy daycare discussed in this short video come in handy. Catch a glimpse into the life of a doggy daycare recipient and their handlers to dive deeper into the four primary benefits of giving Fido this option rather than being home alone.

1. Healthy, Safe Socialization

Most dogs are highly social animals, and doggy daycare gives pooches opportunities to sniff and play with pups of their same breed and others, too.

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Socialization is one of the best ways to raise a dog that’s friendly toward both people and other pets.

2. Safety Protocols in Place

Dogs aren’t allowed to just run wild by the caretakers at these businesses. In fact, there are very strict protocols and rules in place that help pups learn to take commands and maintain self-control.

3. Daycare is Fun!

Like many children, dogs often look forward to daycare. It gives them time to spend in an environment where play is encouraged, and they can ‘communicate’ more freely.

4. Dogs Receive Ample Rest

Sure, playtime is the best time in a pup’s eyes, but getting ample rest afterward to cool off and let the body restore a bit is necessary. Doggy daycare operators have worked this time into each of their animals’ schedules.

Considering doggy daycare for a new pup or an older dog? Watch the entire video to learn more reasons why doing so can benefit you and your pet’s time together.

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